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    Endoscope 7mm 480P with 10m rigid cable

    Code: MK7.10C
    Price: 40.00 EUR
    Camera - endoscope:

    A miniature camera - an endoscope can be used to examine various hidden cavities, boxes, containers through holes and cracks without penetrating inside. There are 6 LEDs installed on the camera head for illumination. The brightness is adjusted with a wheel on the mini remote control located on the wire. Also, the mini remote control has a button with which you can take photos. The camera is waterproof according to the IP67 standard - short-term immersion to a depth of 1 m.

    Included with the camera - endoscope:
    - hook attachment
    - magnet attachment
    - attachment with a miniature mirror for examining surfaces at 90° relative to the camera, for example, the walls of engine cylinders or pipes (before use, you must remove the disposable protective film from the glass)
    - adapter from Micro USB to USB for connecting to computers running Windows
    - minidisk (optional) with a program for installation on Windows
    - instructions

    The camera works when connected by wire on devices running Android and Windows operating systems. Connector type - Micro USB. To connect modern smartphones with a Type-C connector, you must additionally purchase a USB Type-C to Micro USB adapter. The original adapter from the factory for these phones does not work with cameras, as it does not have OTG support, only a charging function.

    Camera focal length 3-8 cm. Resolution 640x480 pixels. The camera does not record sound.

    To connect to Apple devices running iOS, you must use a camera with a WiFi module, since connecting via wire is not possible.

    The cameras have 2 types of wire - soft and hard. With a rigid wire, it is more convenient to control the direction of the camera.

    An endoscope camera will be useful both for entertainment purposes at home and for work:
    - in car services to monitor the condition of pistons and cylinder walls through the holes of unscrewed spark plugs or injectors using a mini mirror and further assessing the cost or feasibility of repairs ; combustion chambers and valves through the openings of the removed intake/exhaust manifolds; assessing the condition of turbine blades without removing the unit through removed pipes; retrieving loose or accidentally dropped objects in hard-to-reach places using mini-hook or magnet attachments.

    Wireless endoscope for iPhone, iPad

    - in plumbing work, to remove blockages in bathrooms and toilets, to inspect the condition of rain and sewer pipes.

    - when carrying out electrical work, installing or repairing wiring in boxes and suspended ceilings, where access is extremely limited and subsequent dismantling for full access is advisable only after finding the location of the problem.

    The cost of the USB Type-C to Micro USB adapter is 5 Euro.

    Instructions for connecting an endoscope camera to Andorioid devices

    Instructions for connecting an endoscope camera to Windows computers

    The smartphone in the photo is an example and is not included in the package.

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