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    Pipeline endoscope camera with 50 m probe, 10" LCD and length counter

    Price: 649.00 EUR 742.00 EUR

    Inspection endoscope with a 50 m long probe and LCD screen for inspecting pipelines and other inaccessible places.

    Using a rigid probe cable, the operator moves the camera over distances of several tens of meters. To simplify the movement of the camera, a device with rollers is included. The camera head is bendable to improve obstacle passing. An electronic counter is installed on the reel for winding the probe cable. The monitor screen displays the used probe length in meters and feet, with an accuracy of 1 centimeter. This function allows you to determine the location being examined with great accuracy. For example, a problem area in a pipeline underground, in order to know exactly the point of soil extraction to access the pipe for subsequent repairs.

    Camera specifications:

    - The camera transmits the image in color to a large 10-inch monitor
    - Camera viewing angle is 145°
    - Study depth 50 m
    - The probe cable is as rigid as a knitting needle
    - Camera size 42x22 mm, material - stainless steel, camera moisture protection according to IP68 standard
    - Size of the first protective plastic cover of the camera 38x28 mm
    - Size of the second protective structure of the camera on rollers 90x28 mm
    - Source camera light - 12 LEDs with high illumination and the ability to adjust the brightness until completely turned off
    - Charger: AC100-240VDC 12.6V
    - Lithium battery 4.5 Ah (continuous battery life up to 8 hours, in depending on the selected backlight brightness)
    - Operating temperature: -40-60°
    - Storage temperature: -50-80°
    - Size of aluminum case for storing the camera 490x335x200 mm

    1 year warranty.

    - 10-inch color TFT LCD monitor
    - HD 1000TVL camera
    - 50 m fiberglass cable
    - protective cover for the camera
    - block system control with built-in 4500 mAh battery
    - mains charger 220V
    - connecting cable
    - 2 camera protective devices
    - reel holder for winding and storing the cable
    - screwdriver
    - aluminum bevel
    - user manual

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