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    Endoscope 11 mm with autofocus, LCD and 10 m probe

    Code: MK11.10C
    Price: 370.00 EUR

    Endoscope camera with autofocus, thanks to which the image is always clear, regardless of the distance to the object being examined. The autofocus function allows you to examine objects hidden from direct access in more detail. Conventional endoscopes are limited to a narrow range where the object being examined must be within 4 to 6 centimeters of the camera lens. Everything that is further or closer is blurry.

    The probe cable is rigid, which allows you to control the camera at a maximum distance, depending on the model, 5 or 10 meters. At the same time, the probe is plastic and retains the shape that it was originally given by hand.

    The camera is equipped with a 4.5-inch display. Photos and videos can be recorded on a memory card (not included). Next, the footage can be transferred to a computer and sent electronically, for example, to a client to demonstrate completed or upcoming work.

    The endoscope can be used:
    - in car services when carrying out diagnostics, repair work, searching for defects without dismantling units
    - in construction work, for example, when searching for the location of wiring in suspended ceilings and plaster walls
    - in plumbing work to inspect pipes and find blockages

    Technical parameters:

    Lens diameter: 11mm
    Camera resolution: 2560x1920 px
    Sensor pixels: 5 million pixels
    Display: 4.5", HD IPS color
    Camera light source: 4 adjustable LEDs
    Operating temperature: 0 to 45 degrees
    Battery: 2600mAh lithium battery
    Operating time: 3-5 hours
    Power consumption: DC 5V 500mAh/1A< br />Waterproof: IP68 (lens only)
    Focal length: Autofocus
    Viewing angle: 70 degrees
    Probe cable: rigid yet flexible 10 m
    Photo format: MJPEG
    Video format: MP4
    Recording material to a Micro SD memory card (not included)

    Includes attachments:
    - Hook and magnet for removing objects from hard-to-reach places
    - Mini mirror for inspecting surfaces located at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the camera lens, for example, the walls of engine cylinders or pipes</ p>


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