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    Endoscope with 3 lenses, LCD screen and 15 m probe

    Code: MK8.T3
    Price: 300.00 EUR

    Industrial endoscope with three lenses, a 15-meter probe and a 4.5" color LCD display for detailed examination of hard-to-reach places with the ability to record video and photos to the internal memory.

    Camera head with a diameter of 8 mm. One central lens and one/two on the sides. Full HD resolution 1920x1080 pixels. Switching cameras is done with a button. The display can display images from one camera or from two simultaneously.

    Focal length of main camera A 3-10 cm;
    Focal length of side camera B 1.5-3 cm;
    Focal length of side camera C 2-6 cm.

    Moisture protection of the camera and display according to IP67 standard.

    The 15-meter long probe is rigid, but at the same time, flexible. Retains the shape it was given by hand.

    Camera head with 6 LED backlight and adjustable brightness.

    Supports Micro SD memory cards up to 32 GB (not included).

    Downloading of saved material is carried out using a cable to a computer, or via a microSD memory card.

    The set includes attachments - a hook and a magnet for removing objects from hidden and inaccessible cavities.

    Also included is a bracket that screws into the back of the display so that you can install it vertically and not hold it in your hands.

    Built-in 3000mAh battery. For charging, use the USB Type-C cable included in the kit.

    Operating time is 2-4 hours depending on the selected brightness of the camera backlight and display. Charging time is about 3 hours.

    For charging, it is prohibited to use fast chargers from modern phones and tablets that exceed the parameters 5V and 1.5A in order to avoid damage to the camera. Acceptable parameters are usually found in the USB outputs of computers, televisions or chargers of old phones.

    There is a speaker on the back of the display for system sounds.

    Photos are stored in JPG format, video in AVI format.

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